Top Electronic Logbook System for Trucking Companies



Top Electronic Logbook System for Trucking Companies


DIRECT connect real time to cellular network

FREE driving dynamics (speed, hard breaking, check engine light warning and codes)

REAL time GPS for both your vehicle / driver

FREE driver notifications forcing drivers to take their mandated meal breaks and keeping drivers in compliance with time cards

DRIVING data is constantly updated and kept in the cloud / data servers

FREE driver daily inspection-pre and post-trip

NO data is lost

EASY installation - plug and play

  1. Electronic logging devices for trucks with E-Logbook.info are the way of the future. Making a life for truckers so much easier. Fleet owners will always have their fleets in total ELD compliance.
  2. Electronic logbook for truckers has never been easier.
  3. Get your truck or fleet to upgrade to the frontrunner with our ELD logbook. Our software is state of the art leaving nothing to chance. Better feedback than ever so you have the peace of mind that if you are an independent truck driver or fleet owner you have the best technology on the market today.
  4. Our Logbook will always be accurate leaving nothing to chance. Go with the trusted source ELOGBOOK.Info will be there for any issues that may happen, giving you the support you need and will come to depend on including upgrades of our software.
  5. We understand the trucking industry and make it our pledge to offer the best ELD compliance software as we are powered by TRUCKSOFT!
  6. We are a trusted brand, and our Clients speak for us.

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